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Product code: BRC-800 BRC-801 RF/AM

A. Self-alarm with lanyard. EAS-3 alrm
B. Alarm with flashing light when lanyard disconnect or cut
C. Alarm with flashing light when sensor is activative
D. Both tag & System alarm when tag access BRIC or equivalent EAS system
E. Disarm with wireless remote controller BRC-806
F. Using time:2-3year, Battery changed
H. Alarm loudness:90db

Product code:BRC-807 BRC-805

A. Selective and interchangeable connectors to suit wide range of Products with power charging an option
B. Wide range of connectors and angled or horizontal surface to enhance usage and display
C. Each tag has individual ID number and RFID remote alarm function
D. Disarm with wireless remote controller
E. Alarm loudners:105db  

Product code: BRC-808 RFID BASE

Size:220*140*25mm or 282*222*25mm
A. Elegant base plate with weight and optical sensor
B. Each base has individual ID and RFID,remote alarm function.
C. Disarm with remote controller
D. Alarm loudness:105db

Product code:BRC-806 handheld remote control

Color: Black
Used to lift the warning label from the Ming;
15800 for a variety of other models;
To test the label from the Ming power.