MW-JZQ-05/ Dual-Head-Needle-Detector-MW-JZQ-05

MW-JZQ-05 Intelligent Dual-head Needle Detector

Product Introduction

MW-JZQ-05 Intelligent Dual-head Needle Detector based on two groups of high-performance detecting head(X-type arrangement, to ensure uniform distribution of the magnetic field).It change the original magnetic field 1-type distribution into X-type distribution, using the positive and negative magnetic field relative to corresponding fork, to avoid the magnetic field distribution due to uneven, and the location of the detection level of detection of regional impact, improved detection sensitivity and stability of the detector.It is suitable to very strict requirements on broken needle control enterprises.                           


Mainly used in toy, clothing, shoes, chemical, leather, textile industry to detect the Fe, broken needles, such ferromagnetic impurities in raw materials or products. This machine is also can be used to detect those food packed with aluminum foil material which may mixed with Fe.


  • Mechanism exported from Japan, conveyor belt exported from Holland, non-toxic, computer chip integration adopt digital circuit 
  • Specially has the protection circuit, it will auto-stop if no detection goods in 10 minutes
  • 8 locations can display the accurate position of broken needle
  • Can calculate the qualified and unqualified amount automatically
  • Luminotron shows the approximate location of the broken needle.
  • When detect the broken needle or Fe, it will alarm by sound and light, the conveyor belt will auto stop and return to the start point, and then move automatically again.  


Model Dual-head Needle detector MW-JZQ-05
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity  FeΦ0.8mm-2.5mm(Standard Detection Height:12cm,Standard iron ball size 0.8mm)
Detection Adjustment 1-12level
Detection Width  600mm & custom-build machine
Detection Height 120mm  & custom-build machine
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light, machine stops, conveyer returns, then restarts again
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  90W 
Machine Size About 2350L×1050W×920H
Net Weight About 260KG

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