Gament Machine(apparel) MW-NHJ-03

MW-NHJ-03 Automatic Fusing Machine

Product Introduction

MW-NHJ-03 Automatic Fusing Machine Type MW-NHJ-03/600 fusing press machine is used to press the clothing in garment industry, it’s also can be used in pyrocondensation processing, reshaping processing after shrinking for each kind of cloth materials. So it’s the essential professional equipment in clothing production, and it is the updated product of type MW-NHJ-03.


Cotton, linen, cotton cloth, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, woven cotton, quilting, curtains, bedding, cloth toys, leather, artificial leather, jacquard cloth, towel cloth, chemical fiber fabric 


The temperature is even, temperature difference of each part of the heating area won’t be over.This machine works stable, small noise; the biggest noise won’t be over 70 decibels. In the limited range, you can adjust the temperature, pressure, and speed according to your need. The adhesive tape can have offset auto-controlled by electronic system, the biggest offset is no bigger than ±4mm. It’s easy to operate, and convenient to maintain.


Model MW-NHJ-03 Automatic Fusing Machine
Pressure  0—0.15MPa(0—1.5kgf/cm2)
Width  500mm 
Speed   1m/min-8m/min 
Size  L1800mm×W1000mm×H1200mm
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power 50KW 
Material Iron
Net Weight About 210KG