MW-JZQ-90X / Needle-Detector-MW-JZQ-90X

MW-JZQ-90X Shoe's Needle Detector

Product Introduction

MW-JZQ-90X Shoe's  Needle Detector Very suitable for the footwear industry.It can detect broken needle, iron and other magnetic metal impurities.I can help you find a needle or small-scale and accurate location of ferromagnetic metals.


To check whether there are broken needle , nails and other iron magnetic metal impurities in head of shoes.


  • Japanese technique, computer chip integrated circuit. 
  • Has high sensitivity and strong anti-disturbance ability, can last long time to work, the efficiency can reach 100% as long as operate it accordingly.
  • When detect out the broken needle or Fe, will alarm by sound and light.
  • Adjust the sensitivity between 0-12 level.


Model MW-JZQ-90X Shoe's  Needle Detector
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity  Fe>Φ0.8mm  
Detection Adjustment  1-12 level
Size  L145mm×W55mm×H40mm
Detection Area /
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  20W 
Material Plastic Shell
Net Weight About 20KG