MW-JZQ-86A / Needle-Detector-MW-JZQ-86A

MW-JZQ-86A Platform-type Needle Detector

Product Introduction

MW-JZQ-86A Platform-type Needle Detector It’s called the desk needle detector. It’s updated product of JZQ-86A/B (plastic outside box), it outside box is made by aluminum alloy to make this machine more solid and durable, which greatly improve the anti-disturbance ability and sensitivity.


used to detect the broken needle, razor blade, and metal fragment, ferromagnetism metal such metal impurities in small, thin clothing, plush toys, ties, towels, scarves, socks, zips, medicine, and food and so on.


  • Japanese technique, computer chip integrated circuit. Aluminum alloy outside box (better stability)
  • Has high sensitivity and strong anti-disturbance ability, can last long time to work, the efficiency can reach 100% as long as operate it accordingly.
  • When detect out the broken needle or Fe, will alarm by sound and light.
  • Adjust the sensitivity between 0-10 level.


Model MW-JZQ-86A Platform-type Needle Detector
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity  Fe>Φ0.8mm  
Detection Adjustment  computer control
Size  L660mm×W365mm×H70mm
Detection Area L500mm×W200mm
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  30W 
Material Aluminium Alloy
Net Weight About 10KG