Gament Machine(apparel) MW-XTJ-01

MW-XTJ-01 Automatic Cleaning Thread Machine

Product Introduction

MW-XTJ-01 Automatic Cleaning Thread Machine A new generation of garment machinery and equipment for the cleaning thread from cloth.


Cotton, linen, cotton cloth, knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, woven cotton, quilting, curtains, bedding, cloth toys, leather, artificial leather, jacquard cloth, towel cloth, chemical fiber fabric 


  • Strong wind, easy to use
  • Noise control, and do not interfere in the environment
  • Compact size, easy to transport
  • Work long hours without error 


Model MW-XTJ-01 Automatic Cleaning Thread Machine
Area Size  1400mm×520mm×140mm
Pressure  >650Pa 
Noise   ≤85db
Size  L595mm×W595mm×H980mm
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  2KW 
Material Iron
Net Weight About 120KG