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PMPB Pull-and-Push Magentic Attractor
PMPB Pull-and-Push Magentic Attractor
Item: PMPB Pull-and-Push Magentic Attractor

Detailed Product Description: PMPB Pull-and-Push Magentic Attractor

Component Part: Stainless steel body non-responsive to magnets plus high quality and high performance materials.

Features: This attractor has strong permanent magnet power, can hoist irons/steel pieces or iron/steel substances onto its lower end or around itself. This attractor can allure iron/steel pieces or iron substances in liquids, in powder or among grains and/or granules, such as attracting iron substances from lathes, attracting small iron needles and pieces fallen on the ground or separating iron/steel things fromother materials.

Application: Put the attractor into the area or container or bath where there are iron/steel pieces or substances, and they will gather to the lower end or round itself. Then put the attractor into the recovery tray, and pull the handle up, and some of the iron and/or steel substances will fall into the tray, the rest might be retained by the blocking piece, but they will fall into the recovery tray. Position of the blocking piece may be adjusted as need be ,reset the attractor after all iron pieces and/or iron substances have fallen into the recovery tray. Reset this attractor and you can apply it again and again and the magnetic power will never weaken.

Model Specifications 1 L 1 Max operation temperature t(0 C)
PMPb 22X250 22 250 52 330 <80
PMPb 22X270 22 270 52 340 <80
PMPb 22X350 22 350 52 430 <80
PMPb 22X450 25 450 52 530 <80
PMPb 25X350 25 350 55 430 <80
PMPb 25X400 25 400 55 480 <80
PMPb 25X500 25 500 55 580 <80
PMPb 32X250 32 250 62 330 <80
PMPb 32X350 32 350 62 430 <80
PMPb 32X400 32 400 62 480 <80
PMPb 32X500 32 500 62 580 <80

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