MW-JZQ-07 / Needle-Detector-MW-JZQ-07

MW-JZQ-07 Conveyor Type Needle Detector

Product Introduction

MW-JZQ-07 Conveyor Type Needle Detector  is good for clothing,toys,textiles,knitwear. It is fit to medium-sized enterprises which need broken needle control and detection. 

MW-JZQ-07 is relatively strict environmental requirements during working, but can also detect very stable mixed, broken needle,wire and other ferromagnetic metals in the textile products, avoid consumers and businesses direct or indirect losses.The product must be used in the quality control of textile enterprises. It is also a symbol of corporate quality standards, better for business to get more orders.


Clothing, baby products, knit goods, underwear, hardware buttons, zippers, socks, non-woven fabrics, embroideries, kimono, beddings, towels, carpets, gloves, toys and handicrafts, etc.


  • Japanese technique, anti-disturbance computer chip integrated circuit
  • High sensitivity, easy to maintain
  • Specially has the protection circuit, it will auto-stop if no detection goods in 10 minutes
  • Has the switch function for B/C (supplementary material/product), adapt to detect different products
  • Can keep a long time to work, the efficiency can reach 100% when properly used
  • When detect the broken needle, or Fe, it will alarm by sound and light, the engine will stop and return to the start point, and then move automatically again.  
  • To adjust the sensitivity between 0-10 level, operation board is light touching-type, easy to operate
  • Can calculate the qualified and unqualified amount


Model MW-JZQ-07 Conveyor Type Needle Detector 
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity  FeΦ0.8mm-2.5mm(Standard Detection Height:12cm,Standard iron ball size 0.8mm)
Detection Adjustment 1-10level
Detection Width  600mm & custom-build machine
Detection Height 120mm  & custom-build machine
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light, machine stops, conveyer returns, then restarts again
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  60W 
Machine Size About 1650L×1050W×900H
Net Weight About 190KG

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