MW-JZQ-11 / Needle-Detector-MW-JZQ-11

MW-JZQ-11 Lamp Alarm Type Automatic Needle Detector

Product Introduction MW-JZQ-11 Lamp Alarm Type Automatic Needle Detector with a new design of the next generation of digital circuits, with strong anti-jamming, analysis by digital signal, alarm with lamp type. It can reduce human operational mistakes.                    


Clothing, baby products, knit goods, underwear, hardware buttons, zippers, socks, non-woven fabrics, embroideries, kimono, beddings, towels, carpets, gloves, toys and handicrafts, etc.


  • Mechanism exported from Japan, conveyor belt exported from Holland, non-toxic, computer chip integration adopt digital circuit 
  • Specially has the protection circuit, it will auto-stop if no detection goods in 10 minutes
  • 8 locations can display the accurate position of broken needle
  • 3 ways to alarm: sound, light(lamp type), and frequency
  • Can calculate the qualified and unqualified amount
  • Strong anti-disturbance (no wrong alarm to the ceiling fan, mobile phones, screwdrivers, etc)
  • High sensitivity, when the detection height is 12CM, the detection iron ball’s diameter is 0.8mm.


Model MW-JZQ-11 Lamp Alarm Type Automatic Needle Detector 
Detection Method  Magnetic field induction, digital circuit
Detection Sensitivity   FeΦ0.8mm-2.5mm(Standard Detection Height:12cm,Standard iron ball size 0.8mm)
Detection Adjustment  1-10 level
Detection Width  600mm & custom-build machine
Detection Height 120mm  & custom-build machine
Alarm Method Alarm by sound & light, machine stops, conveyer returns, then restarts again
Power Supply Ac220V 50-60Hz
Power  60W 
Machine Size About 1600L×760W×960H
Net Weight About 200KG