MW-2A-2 Automatic Auger Filling Machine

Container Size �� 20-85mm, H 10-150mm
Filling Weight 1 ~ 500g
Filling Accuracy �� 100g, �ܡ�2%; 100 ~ 500g, �ܡ�1%
Filling Speed 15 - 60 bottles/min
Power Supply 3P /220 - 415V 50/60Hz
Total Power 1.8KW
Air Supply 6kg/cm2; 0.05m3/min
Total Weight 250Kg
Overall Dimensions 1000��720��1800mm
Hopper Volume 35L

Descriptive abstract:

The Model machine could do work of measuring,bottle holding,and filling,etc,it can constitute the whole set can filling work line with other related machines,and suitable for filling kohl,glitter powder,pepper,cayenne pepper,milk powder,rice flour,albumen powder,soy milk powder,coffee powder,additive,essence and spice,etc.

Main features:

Optional devices: