MW-Z6 Four Head Linear Weighing Machine

Metering Mode Weighing (Four weighing hopper)
Feeding Mode Dual Speed Feeding Groove
Packing Weight 30 - 500g (100 - 1000g)
Packing Accuracy �ܡ�1-2g
Filling Rate 20 - 40 times/min
Power Supply 1P / 220V 50/60Hz
Total Power 1KW
Total Weight 150kg
Overall Dimensions 1060��800��630mm

Descriptive abstract:

This machine is our latest design, It is professionally used to granular, crystalloid, e.g. chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, coffee, sugar, dextrose and anything fluidity materials. This design was the initiate in China, It breaks the low-speed, and sinuous-operating of the traditional vibrating machine. It is all stainless steel structures, can meet all standards of the GMP & QS.

Main features: