MW-2S Series Vibrating hopper Inclined screw feeder

Model MW-2S2 MW-2S3 MW-2S5 MW-2S7
Charging Capacity 2 cbm/hr. 3 cbm/hr. 5 cbm/hr. 7 cbm/hr.
Powder Supply 550W 930W 1.5KW 2.2KW
Diameter of pipe ��102mm ��114mm ��141mm ��159mm
Hopper Volume 100L 230L 200L 200L
Power Supply 3P 208-415V 50/60Hz
Charging angle General 45 degree,special inquirement 30degree,60degree
Charging Height General1800mm,Different feeding height could be designed
Total Weight 120kg 130kg 180kg 230kg
Overall Dimensions of Hopper 1023 ��823��870mm
Remark Other charging capacity could be designed

Descriptive abstract:

The Machine can convey sorts of material. Combined with the package-machine of our company, it can do material situation tracing. Also can be used separately. Complete machine made in stainless steel, except for the electrical machine, gearing, and the framework.

Main features: